10 Holiday Decorations That Won’t Break the Bank

Love to deck the halls for the holidays? Who doesn’t like a little festive cheer in the home? At a time when money can be tight from the gifts to the food and parties, your decorations don’t need to break the bank.

Here are 10 great ideas for how to use what you may already have on hand, or a few inexpensive items, to add some comfort & joy to your home this season:

  1. P: Tara Dennis

    P: Tara Dennis

    Magazine Trees – upcycle your old magazines by folding the pages into triangles that will form a tree, spray paint and add some glitter and presto! A sparkly table top tree! Full instructions from Tara Dennis.

  2. P: Brittany Makes

    P: Brittany Makes

    Glitter Letter Banner – Use large alphabet stencils to trace and cut letters out of cardboard. Lightly paint 1 side of the cardboard with school glue and coat completely with glitter. Once dry, punch 1 hole on each side of the letter and string together with twine, ribbon, or yarn. Full instructions at Brittany Makes.

  3. Snowflake Hurricanes – Jazz up your glass hurricanes by printing this template from Martha Stewart, punch the holes, and adhere to the glass.
  4. P: Design Improvised

    P: Design Improvised

    Bow Wreath – you only need 30 minutes, a wreath form, and lots of cheap bows. The beauty is that you can make the wreath to fit your style by choosing shiny or matte bows, traditional holiday colors, all metallics, or all the colors of the rainbow. Design Improvised will show you how!

  5. P: Life Á La Mode

    P: Life Á La Mode

    P: Real Simple

    P: Real Simple

    Peppermint Topiary – simple to make with a few supplies from the craft store and so adorable! View the tutorial at Life Á La Mode.

  6. Ornament Chandelier – tie ribbons of varying lengths and colors to ball ornaments and tie ribbons to a plant hook or eye-hook mounted to the ceiling. For step-by-step instructions, check out Real Simple.
  7. FREE Christmas Printables – just print, frame, and display! Head to DIY Candy for a collection of free printables.
  8. Joy Wine Bottles – repurpose empty wine bottles into holiday decor! Spray paint 3 like-size bottles matte white (may take 2-3 applications), once dry either stencil or free-hand one letter (J, O, Y) on the center of each bottle with white paint. If you’re feeling creative, replace the O with a snowflake.
  9. Shiny Ornament Display – take pretty ornaments you already have on hand and place them on a cake stand, nestled in pine or leaves to create a simple centerpiece.
  10. Card Garland – glue strips of wrapping paper to clothespins and clip pins to a length of ribbon. Hang the ribbon along your banister or mantel and attach holiday cards as they arrive.