3 Things That Happen in the Real Estate Market After Labor Day

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Labor Day Weekend heralds the end of summer fun and vacations for most people. It’s back to school, back to business, and goodbye to the hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer. What does this mean for our local real estate market? There are 3 things that happen as the weather cools in our region:

Buyers jump back into the market, making looking for a home a priority. With the kids back in school, parents are able to look during the day without having to juggle swim lessons and camp pick-ups. While some families may want to wait until the end of the school year to make a move, many families are ready to transition during this season. Buyers who have been on “hold” due to vacations and trips to the beach are now committed to looking full-time.

Sellers concentrate on repairs, painting, and landscaping. Taking advantage of cooler temperatures and after-work daylight hours, sellers begin to focus on sprucing up their landscaping and the exterior of their homes.

Homes are priced realistically. Sellers who have their houses on the market in the fall are “ready to go” before the snow flies. Buyers, too, want to be settled in time for the December holidays.

For all of these reasons the “Fall market” continues to be one of our favorite times to help buyers and sellers. Many real estate agents tell you that “anytime” is a good time to buy or sell, but, is it? When it’s time for you to jump into the market be sure to contact us for an overview of the current market conditions.

Is Fall A Good Time To List?

P: guardiancarpetcleaning.com

P: guardiancarpetcleaning.com

The question that crosses every seller’s mind – when is the best time to list? Spring is the busiest season for buying and selling, so most sellers think it’s best to wait to list their home. But what if you need to make the move now? Good news – fall is the 2nd busiest season in real estate!

Buyers looking at homes in autumn tend to be more serious and motivated to move than the numerous window shoppers that come out in spring. There are many reasons – job relocation, downsizing, change in family status, etc. and most want to buy by the end of the year.

Fall offers certain benefits to home buyers including:

Year-end tax breaks – Both mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible from gross income, so purchasing a home and making a payment prior to year’s end will give you an extra deduction. In addition, if you have prepaid some interest prior to your first payment, that interest can also be deducted.

Pleasant weather – Fall is an ideal time to plan a move, the weather has cooled from the heat and humidity of summer and you get out ahead of the freezing temps and icy conditions of winter.

Broad selection of homes – With a bit less demand than spring, buyers will find a wider array of homes available in the fall, increasing the odds of finding the perfect property.

P: betterdeco.blogspot.com

P: betterdeco.blogspot.com

A bonus for fall sellers – autumn decorations and colors will make your home feel more inviting and warm to potential buyers. Put some brightly colored mums and pumpkins on your front porch to up the curb appeal. Add a couple gourds and colored candles to your dining room table or fireplace mantel. Always remember to keep it simple – people hate clutter!