What is the Best Home Estimate Tool?

pexels-get-lost-mike-8504300Before we delve into this month’s blog, “What is the Best Home Estimate Tool?” we want to give a disclaimer – on the Weaver Team we are real estate geeks. We spend hours studying the real estate market. Just ask us a simple question and we’ll go on and on about absorption rate, days on market, list to sale price ratios, and more. So, if you ask us, “What is the Best Home Estimate Tool?” we do have a short answer, “The Weaver Team!”

Now, of course, that is a little cheesy, even for a real estate agent, so let’s discuss online home estimate tools. Most real estate agents have their favorite program for running a comparative market analysis for sellers and use that exclusively. We, on the other hand, use many resources to gather data for our final pricing suggestions.

First, we peruse the public website tools such as Zillow. Then, we use our proprietary programs such as Realtor Property Resource and our Multiple Listing System (MLS) to dig deeper into the estimate and try to find the best comparable properties.

Finally, we reconcile all of this data and come up with a realistic range of value after we visit your property. We absolutely must see your house. While the data and trends provide statistics, the computer has never been in your house. Yes, that’s right, the online tools that generate your home value do not take into account location, condition, amenities, and upgrades.

Pricing a house is an art and a science. The science is the deep dive into the data and the “art” is our years of experience and knowledge that will give you the most realistic and profitable scenario for your property.

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